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uncensored_lj's Journal

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This is the place to showcase your favorite posts on livejournal.

If you've read something recently that you think deserves accolade, this is the place to spotlight it beyond your circle of friends. If you would put it in your memories, then we want to see it. If it's funny, touching, beautiful, brutal, smart, sexy, clever, or thought-provoking, as long as it is well-done, then this is the place to spotlight it.

The only requirement is that it be articulate and appropriately edited for grammar and spelling.

This is not metaquotes, and submissions should be full entries, and not merely quips or soundbites.

1. Don't: post your own work.
2. Do: Have explicit permission from the OP to re-post.
3. Cite and acknowledge your source, unless redaction is requested by the OP